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Finally an alternative to the factory long runner intake manifold. Available for carbureted or fuel injected applications this intake is ideal for use in
hi-performance Mustangs or street rods.

The intake is designed for optimum use in the 2500 to
7500 RPM range. It features plenty of material for
porting very high horsepower applications. These hi-flow intakes work well for forced induction applications.

The plenum dividers were designed to balance airflow
into the runners for equal airflow to each runner.
The intake is compatible with 99-up DOHC cylinder heads and can be used with any square bore carburetor or throttle body using the standard Holley 4150©
Carburetor mount.


  • Utilizes standard Holley© bolt pattern for the throttle body or carburetor.
  • Fuel rail mounts are cast in to allow for Sullivan Performance fuel rails.
  • Large boss cast into the bottom of the plenum to allow for any vacuum configuration.
  • Nitrous bosses cast into the bottom of each runner to allow for port nitrous systems.
  • Available with or without injector holes drilled to enable the use of a carburetor.
  • Generous amount of material to allow for port
  • This intake does not include provision for EGR.
    If EGR is necessary it will require the use of a plate type EGR adapter if not using our plenum adapter.
Part #
4.6L DOHC Fuel Injected Intake Manifold
4.6L DOHC Carbureted Intake Manifold